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About Me

Tessa Miller, Founder and CEO

My name is Tessa Miller, and I am the founder of Red Morpho Creative, LLC. I have been working in social media and digital marketing for over 10 years, and I wouldn’t want to do anything else with my life. The sunny, vibrant city of San Diego is where I took the biggest leap of my career, and Red Morpho was born!


​Over the years, I have created a science out of making brands pop. The clients that I work with are women-owned and women-centered coaching agencies. These partners embody the passionate, energetic approach that we take with every post, newsletter, or blog at Red Morpho Creative.


I have perfected crafting unique brand voices, leveraging creative content, proven strategies, and deep community engagement. With every client, the result is an engaging, educational digital brand presence.

Whether your coaching brand is in the caterpillar stage or you're already a full-blown butterfly, digital presence will always be essential. When you're ready to begin your transformation, head over to the contact page and let's chat!

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About Red Morpho Creative, LLC

The Red Morpho butterfly doesn't exist in nature. The Blue Morpho does, and it is the most ethereal creature I've ever had the privilege of seeing. Red Morpho Creative embodies the otherworldly, ever-changing existence of the Blue Morpho, but we take it a step further. The Red Morpho portrays the determination, passion, and energetic approach that we take with every client.

At Red Morpho Creative, we specialize in creating a unique voice for your brand that shows who you are to potential and current customers. Through creative content, proven strategies, and community engagement, we will transform your digital presence. We don't focus on vanity metrics or passing fads. Our goal is to create a true brand presence with unique content that is engaging and educational that your clients - both current and potential - can't help but love.

Our Core Values

Be inclusive and equitable.

Have fun with it! Social media should be entertaining and educational.

Be open. The world - and social media - is always changing, and while we don't have to change at every turn, it's important to be open to adapting.

Be true to yourself and your brand. Not all trends and platforms work for every brand, so don't change yourself to fit a mold.

Perfection doesn’t exist, so let’s not aim for it! We learn lessons from every failure, and often those are the most important lessons. Just remember to learn.

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